Friday, July 15, 2005

Step by step with patience

Ever find yourself inordinately grateful for the patience of God? I mean, really, He has every reason to give up on me. And yet, He continues His pursuit of me as if it hasn't already been nearly 25 years and I am still a wreck in so many ways.

People who think they are going to earn their way into heaven, work their way in, just be good enough to get in, have it all wrong. Because as I have said before, life isn't about me.

Self aggrandizement and self pity and self hatred and self esteem - or lack thereof - all have in common this one thing - "self."

The sooner we get over ourselves the better off the world will be.

Jesus came to suffer, to reach out to the lost and lonely, to heal the sick, to preach good news.

Shouldn't those of us who claim to be His do likewise?

Thank God He is still willing to let me. Thank God for His patience.