Saturday, August 29, 2009

Three months later...

Three months since this blog has been updated. Maybe because Twitter offers more interaction more quickly. Or maybe because I cannot imagine what I've needed to say.

I am preaching tomorrow morning, and have been working on a sermon entitled "The Testimony of God." It's on 1 John 5:6-12, and it has been quite enjoyable.

Looking back at the last three times I have preached, there's a definite theme going on. Like through my having opportunities to preach, God has been speaking to me. Hmm.. Funny how that works.

At any rate, I kicked off the 1 John series with 1:1-4, Jesus the Word of Life. Then I have the first 6 verses of chapter 4, about testing the Spirits, and knowing who comes from God. And now here I am dealing with the testimony of God - and He testifies to Christ, and we must receive or reject the truth of that testimony.

Pretty cool series within a series.