Monday, January 16, 2006

The Spiral is Fluid and Connected

All that we learn comes together in the arts. We use it all - kinetic, aesthetic, mathematic, literary, all the subjects we ever learn - when it is connected in the arts.

Why is it that some think the arts less important than other disciplines?

I will never understand that.

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  1. So I've had your Christmas gift for a while, and contemplated getting it sent to the school...but my mind ran away with me and all I could think was "what if they think she's a terrorist or a spy?!" And that was the end of that idea. I haven't seen you in forever, and for the amount of time I spend thinking about you you'd think I would've done something about it. But lo and behold...that's not an Amy thing to do.
    I have one of these too, which might be nice to switch to. But I haven't been able to figure half of it out, and after my first post, I can't find the login page! How screwy is that...