Friday, July 21, 2006


I have just read about two teens who killed a third teen out of a "morbid curiosity" to see what it was like to shoot someone in the head. Apparently, these boys killed this girl, left her body in a field to go eat at the local IHOP, then returned to bury the body in a shallow grave. They were caught trying to flee to Canada after the body was discovered.

Sickening and twisted. I wonder how we get to this point as a culture. Teens killing teens out of "morbid curiosity?" (That is a direct quote from on of the killers!) We do have a culture of death, that seems to see this kind of deviant behavior as normal. Look at some of the big hit movies recently. Movies that show torutre and murder - movies that seem to depict these things as something to look at, try out, think of as normal, and, at the worst, even celebrate - are raking in huge money from a society increasingly fascinated by the most violent types of entertainment. How long will it be, and how big a step is it at this point, until we return to live barbaric entertainment like the gladiatorial games of ancient Rome?

We have got to find a way to stop the insanity.

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