Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye to 2008

I read an editorial earlier this morning about how it is so easy to look back on a year and wonder where it went. I am relating to that premise, as I wonder where 2008 went and try to remember some of the stuff I did during it.

I golfed twice a week all summer, and even golfed into the fall during marching season. And I finally broke 50 - twice in a row. Of course, ending the season with my worst score - 65 - was a bummer, but I choose to remember those two 47s, and the time I parred two holes in a row.

The Worship Team's annual Prayer Summit was probably the best it's ever been.

I became president of my teacher's association, and it has been a great experience so far.

I traveled to Florida with my music students, and marched down Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom. And discovered that other than doing that, I really don't care if I ever go to the Magic Kingdom again.

I not only played golf, I watched a bunch. I watched Annika eagle the 72nd of her last US Women's Open. And was there anyone who could not see how compelling golf could be when Tiger pulled a ... well, Tiger ... and won the 2008 US Open Championship?

I got a new convertible. Well, new to me, and my second one. And I found a bluetooth device that works in my car with the top down!

I got a BlackBerry, to which I have fast become addicted. Who knew? I will be forever grateful to my brother for selling me on the idea. My phone bill will not.

I discovered Viigo and Twitter, and am thinking about the best ways to use them, one as an information goldmine, and one as a method of connection with people.

I lost a dear friend, and gained a few.

And I got to 270 Facebook friends. Oy.

So, 2008 was pretty good. And more happened than I thought, as I sit and think about it.

May 2009 be as good, or better.

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