Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving insanity

I am so grateful to have a job that I like, and where I have attained certain level of leadership.

I am, however, also often overwhelmed at the enormity of it, and at how many moving parts there are to running my department, especially in a year when our performing groups are taking a trip.  The other day, I had kids turning in trip application forms, insurance purchase forms, poinsettia fundraising forms, and trip payments all at the same time.  All this has to be tracked and entered into the appropriate file, and the money deposited. 

At the same time, to add stuff to my plate because that’s just me and I need to, I am selling shrimp to the faculty – I have relatives in the biz and it’s the best shrimp ever.  Seriously, I won’t eat any other shrimp.

But I digress.

Today, my former assistant, whom I lost to budget cuts last year, came in just to volunteer to help out.

And that’s what brought me to this post.  I found thankfulness in the midst of this insanity, and I was so glad.  She is a huge blessing to me and to our department, and I am grateful for her partnership and friendship.

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