Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Usually you're dead...

Usually, you’re dead before anyone gives you a glimpse into the difference you make.  And at that point, let’s face it, can you really care?  But tonight, the arts family showed its “familyness” by showing up in force on short notice to support our arts program, and me.

I am so humbled by this kindness, and by the way these marvelous people spoke about me and about the program I am so passionate about.  For them to stand up – on an evening they could have been home watching Glee – to give their time and their voices in an effort to convince the powers that be to hold on to the music program, is a gift I can never repay.  I could not be at the meeting myself, but have heard of their eloquence.  Maybe I’ll have a chance to watch the rebroadcast.

I can never thank them enough.  I can only say thank you for speaking the words, for sharing what the program has meant.

Our arts program might have an effect on them, and make their lives better.  But these precious people can never fully know what a difference they make for me every day, and how grateful I am to have them in my life.

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  1. Um, whatever this is, it is ridiculous. I hear there are votes or something going on? When are these? Are more people needed to speak? How many times have they tried cutting this only to be lovingly assaulted? There is a reason Triton has not been able to "rid" themselves of it. It's woven in! Without the department, the school is going to have some major issues, not to mention look a heck of a lot less appealing next to surrounding towns. Sigh. Get me info, woman. I will do what I can. If you have any venting or ideas you need to knock around, call or write. Love you-Amy