Thursday, January 21, 2010


There's a compilation of letter excerpts by Francois Fenelon called "Let Go." We got it as a gift at a retreat I'm at with my church worship team.

I opened it up, and the first letter is about the necessity of humility, which is "profitable for all things for it makes a teachable spirit."

Yeah. Kicked my butt. Not because it's all that revolutionary, but because it goes right along with a realization I had this week as I was preparing for the weekend.

I have some difficult people in my life and I have completely failed to pray for them. I too often get busy thinking about how they've wronged me. Because I am too busy hanging onto my pride.

Not that we're supposed to allow people to walk over us or take unfair advantage of situations.

But the speaker pulled out letter 16 of Fenelon, and there was the reminder that we should not be upset about what other people say about us. He says, "Let the world talk. You simply need to strive to do the will of God."

So I am swallowing my pride and starting to pray for some of the difficult people.

Lord, help me be humble.
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