Wednesday, July 07, 2010

First night at Plymouth

Kids these days...
OK, I know it's not nice to start a post that way, but I am in a dorm at Plymouth State University, and it has air conditioning and a private bath.
So what I was going to say was, kids these days who go to college don't know how good they have it.
When I went to college, and stayed in one of the nicest dorms on campus, I had to share two bathrooms with 6 other people!
I know, I know. Someone out there had it even worse than that.
You know, they don't even put hard line phones in the rooms anymore. I remember at UVM in 19somethingsomething, having to wait for a pay phone. And if someone called me, anyone on my floor might answer it, and maybe get a message right or maybe not. I remember when all the rooms got their own phones - that was a huge deal. Now everybody comes with cell phones.
About the only thing cramping my style right now is that I am posting this from my BlackBerry - which you will see, because all my emails from this device have an automatic signature, and since I cannot get online yet with my computer, I can't fix it.
Apparently, I was supposed to get a packet when I checked in which would have explained the procedure and given me a password to get online. Guess I'll get that tomorrow when I check in to the actual conference.
Also, no TV, though there's a cable drop in the room. In my day we went to the common area to watch TV with rabbit ears, and hoped we wanted to watch the same thing as other people. Or, we brought a little TV to our rooms. Still - rabbit ear reception wasn't all that great.
My folks got cable TV after I went away to college. Before that, they had deemed it unnecessary, much like the microwave they decided to get at some point during my junior or senior years.
Times change. Technology improves, becomes more prevalent, and even changes to the point where sometimes things go away all over again.
Like rabbit ears, and phones in all the rooms on a big campus switchboard system.
And now we're back to one campus phone in the hallway for emergencies.
Kids these days. They don't know how good they have it!
It's an adventure.

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