Wednesday, September 01, 2010

An Occasion

This evening, at our final band camp session, a funny thing happened.
My Assistant Band Director, pictured, if this all works like it should, had his very first Starburst Fruit Chew ever.
"It's like taffy, with a very tangy taste. Here we go, diabetes."
He retired two years ago from a full career teaching elementary school instrumental music for 34 years.
How did he avoid Starburst for so long? "I'm more of a chocolate person. You offer me an Almond Joy or a Starburst, I'm taking the Almond Joy, you know with the chocolate. And coconut's one of my favorite flavors."
Me? I like Starburst. But add Mounds to the mix, and I take that. Because I like the chocolate and the coconut, but I'm not so big on the almonds added in there.
Strange rehearsal conversation.
But it sounds like the makings of a great end of season gift, to me.

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