Friday, September 08, 2006

One down...

...and about 41 left to go until summer vacation starts again. I feel like I have been hit by a truck as I have come through the first week of school. And it isn't over - I have a game tonight, and a practice tomorrow.

The most ehausting thing is being in charge all the time - being the one to make decisions, on whom the liability rests, with whom the buck stops. Add to that the forced absence from small group until November 7, and it is hard to keep the spiritual equilibrium I spent all summer regaining.

This life is hard. And it is hard every day to be like Jesus. I must count on God's strength to make it through. I know that He is here through all of the craziness, but it is so easy to forget that simple fact.

It's no accident that Adam and Eve's first day on earth was a day off.

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  1. Or that God (who is stronger, faster, smarter than me) modeled rest (which He totally did not 'need'). Thanks for reminding us that we have permission to take a break weekly.