Thursday, November 02, 2006


OK - not the right word for the song reference - should be Changes. You know - David Bowie.

Anyhow, I was thinking about choices today. Mostly how we choose to respond to circumstances and situations. I had a big decision to make - choosing Drum Majors and Color Guard Captains for next season's marching band. We hold auditions and interviews, the staff and I confer, and I make the final decision. I am happy with my choices - I think the individuals who will serve in these positions next season will be great.

When I told the parties involved, they had a choice. They could accept or reject their appointments and the associated conditions. Or not.

They chose to accept.

Then I had to tell all the candidates - some of whom would be disappointed. They could then choose how to respond. We will see tomorrow how they did respond. One has already emailed me to find out why. I appreciate the question, and hope it comes with a teachable spirit.

Then I thought about how I responded in class today to the fourth, fifth, sixth, twentieth time a couple of kids made the same mistake - and were laughing about it. I chose...not exactly well. I went on too long, and I wish I had not. But I did get my point across, and they then hunkered down and succeeded three times in a row and I got to say good job. Liked that!

We have choices to make all day every day. Do we say something, so we remain silent, do we take that second brownie in the cafeteria line...all sorts of things.

Lord, give us the wisdom and will to choose Wisely.


  1. Sue-
    I love the Wisely capitalization. We had to do some direct counselling of our own here with some young people. Some would say, "that was too harsh", but we chose to speak. I only hope that we get the chance to say "good job" for success that follows heeded correction.

  2. "Good Job" is what it’s all about. Great teachers eventually get there. Exceptional teachers get there and then ask, "’Why’, ‘how’, and ‘what will make it better next time’?"

    I believe that puts you firmly in the latter category.