Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Distinct Roar

Saturday afternoon I found myself sitting where even a week ago I would not have bothered to go. On a log, by a river, after a little walk in the woods. It was beautiful.

A friend had mentioned hearing this generic roar, and following it to the river that was creating it. He found that where he expected a single, generic roar, there were actually a few distinct sounds combining to make that roar. Here the gentle whoosh of water rushing over the rocks. There a tiny trickle persevering to flow. Over there, a deeper pool with a deeper, more hushed swishing sound. All combined so that from a distance all one hears is a roar, but when one moves closer one discovers there is more there than originally met the ear.

In the constant rush of humanity, and the loud noise of life, one wonders how in the world God can hear all our prayers at once. But He hears every disctinct sound we make - be it the enthusiastic new believer praying like crazy, or the beaten down person fighting to hold on.

As I sat on that log, I found myself glad that God's hearing is so much better than mine.


  1. Sue,
    Have your thought about the ramifications for the church praying together? At the water's edge, you could no longer here the beeps of the angry motorists or the scream of sirens or the angry shouts of the mob. You heard the roar. Corporate prayer helps us to hear the roar (the power of prayer offered up) and forget the grind (back up and over the bank where we left it.
    I hope that this is helpful.