Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I am leading worship this week at my church. I am doing some fun stuff with the "prepare" theme - Prepare ye the Way of the Lord; O Come, O Come, Emmanuel; My Hope is You; Rescue; I Know My Redeemer Lives; Joy to the World. It is a list meant to make the progression from expectation and preparation to the fact that Jesus has come, and will return. I enjoy linking Christmas and Easter songs together, because even while we celebrate the Child in the manger, we celebrate the eternal, risen, and returning King.

I think it will be fun.


  1. Sue,
    Are you using the advent wreath with candles for worship? We are and have made it into a children's moment in the service. It is a good talking spot about the first advent/second advent/crucifixion connections.

    One of the men here has suggested that we read Isa. 53 at our christmas Eve candlelight service! I am working on that. I might even post it in time for the candlelight service.

    I don't know "Rescue". Do you have any publisher/artist info?

    Enjoy your worship leading,

  2. Great point re: linking Christmas and Easter songs together. In our home group we were discussing our fave Christmas songs and Shelley commented on the theological incorrectness of the popular Christmas tune with the line "...and man shall live forevermore because of Christmas day." (Her point: man shall live forevermore because of EASTER/ Christ's death and resurrection.) It's worth thinking about.
    I love that you put so much thought into the theology behind the songs we sing, Sue. Thanks!