Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Always learning something

Today's job - figure out how to add the new RevGals thingy you now see on my blog.

I actually had to find the right spot in the blogger template code. Always learning something 'round here.

Someone over on Emerging Women started a great discussion about how we read the Bible. I take a fairly conservative position on this, figuring that it is the way in which God chose to reveal His story, and I should trust it. Some folks seem to think that we should almost "go with our gut," and that the Bible is a great collection of stories, but not a "rule book" or "owner's manual."

If you feel like putting in your two cents, feel free. Or go to Emerging Women and check out the original conversation.


  1. Hi, Sue.
    Since you take a fairly conservative position on the Bible, I have a question for you. Many who read the Bible in a conservative fashion would object to women's ordination. Is that an issue for you?

  2. Hey, Songbird -

    I am all for the ordination of women! And I do not think that taking a fairly conservative view of the Bible is in conflict with that. As we are learning the Bible, we must also learn its culture and language, and we must take the whole picture into consideration. There are some "conservative" people, whom I would actually refer to as "fundamentalist," who read only those passages that seem to prohibit women from certain roles in the church, and they read them only in English, in isolation, and without consideration for the cultural context, or even the rest of the Bible itself.

    That's not conservative. That's just not doing your homework!

    I really believe the more credible case is the one putting forth equality of women and men in all areas of life, including the church. And I doubt I will ever become a member again of a church that does not take this view.

    Hopefully, this answers your question.