Thursday, October 05, 2006

Small Miracles

Just when we think God isn't paying attention anymore, something really cool happens on a scale we forget He notices.

My car heating system has been "healed." Yup. "Healed."

It had been malfunctioning. At the end of the last cold season - which ended in June, I think - ha! - I knew I would have to get some work done. The heat would not kick in until I got the car up to 2000 rpms, despite the fact that the engine was warm and that the temperature indicator was reading warm.

So imagine my surprise one day recently when I used the remote start - quite out of habit really - and subsequently got into a warm car! That was not "supposed" to have happened - I had not yet gotten the engine up to 2000 rpms. But the car was warm, the windows defrosted. And the heat has worked ever since.

"Healed." A car!

Thank God that He cares about all the stuff of our lives, because He loves us. Next time you feel like He isn't paying attention, look again. And if you need to, come on back and read this post again.

I know I will.

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